About Us

Here are some key points about ServMor Security.

Our Mission

After being participants on multiple CTF platforms, we decided to build a platform that caters for the lack of resources available online and providing them in one easy to use platform.

Our Plan

We have a plan of expanding our resources and providing more adequate training to the community. We dedicate ourselves to learning and teaching the community what we learnt!

Our Vision

Here are ServMor Security we have a vision of enabling members of the community to learn at their own pace in a self contained environment to enhance their skills in cyber security.

Services & Features

Below are some of the services and features provided at ServMor Security.

Training PDFs

Subscribed members will get full access to our ranges of PDFs covering all topics such as Linux/Windows exploitation with allocated training machines for you to practice on!

CTF Content

Subscribed members will also get access to our CTF section with over 30 machines to exploit with regularly updated content including community contributions!

Exam Labs

We designed exam labs to put your skills to the test. Wether you followed our training PDFs and training labs.

New Dashboard

We are launching V2 of ServMor Security very soon! The new dashboard has a slick layout and easy to use.

Network Scenarios

Our team have designed both realistic and CTF based network scenarios for you to test your skills on.

On-site Competition & Rankings

If you enjoy competition, we offer rankings and trophies for progression made on site.


Would you like to enhance your skills in cyber security?
Register soon to try out our range of labs from easy to hard difficulty, we have machines to cater all levels!


Areas Covered

Here are just some examples of the areas we cover here at ServMor Security. We are currently working on expanding our categories.
We cover reconnaissance, exploitation and mitigation.

Active Directory
Web Application & Software
Binary Exploitation


Here are some facts about ServMor Security.




Network Scenarios


Training Scenarios


Community Contributors


Contact Us

Below is our contact information. Please note we prefer email communications or direct contact on Discord.


28 West Mill Road, Dorchester, Dorset, DT11SR UK

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